Our Youth Training presents a fantastic opportunity for your athlete(s), aged 11-18, to optimize their preseason training by increasing strength, speed, and power under the guidance of our expert coaches.

Read below to find out if this program is the right fit for your team!

  • What: Join us for a fast, fun, educational program focused on athletic performance and fostering a growth mindset for kids and teenagers who want to excel in their sport!

  • When: 2x per week, 1 hour each

  • Who: For athletes ages 11-18

  • Where: 1338 Del Prado BLVD S, Unit F, Cape Coral, Fl 33990

  • Why: Prevent injury and increase overall performance to optimize your athletic season!

Get ready for a week filled with excitement, growth, and endless fun!

Build confidence and resilience: Through challenging but rewarding training, your athletes will develop valuable skills like teamwork, perserverance, and confidence, setting them up for success in their season and their day-to-day lives.

Prevent Injury: isolated muscle and joint specific strengthening and mobility will prepare your athletes for the long, tough season ahead and keep them at their best from start to finish.

Gain Strength & Power: Our resistance training model will help your athletes be stronger, run faster, throw further, jump higher, and much more. These advantages will set them apart from other competitors.

Don’t let your team miss out on their best season yet!

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My daughter Marley showed MASSIVE improvement in her judo after working with Valerie

My daughter got much stronger from her sessions with Valerie

Blake got a lot faster after working with Coach Val!

Your Kid's Coach:

Hey there, I’m Valerie and I’ll be coaching your team through their pre-season strength and conditioning! With over 10 years of experience coaching athletes of all ages and levels, I’m dedicated to helping your athletes improve their capabilities and their confidence as I set them up for success in their upcoming season.

I have worked with athletes at the high school, collegiate, national, and professional level. I’m thrilled for your team to join us!