Diapers and Dumbbells is the premier postpartum fitness class in Lee County! We are looking for 10 more women for our next session. If you've recently had a baby and want to safely strengthen your body, this is it!

So what are you waiting for?


Why Diapers and Dumbbells?

  •  Safely Return to fitness after having a baby

  •  Learn to repair and strengthen your core/pelvic floor 

  •  Meet other moms interested in health & welness

  •  Feel Stronger
  •  Workouts for All Abilities
  •  Feel Better  
  •  Have more energy
 Frequently Asked Questions?

 When is it safe to return to working out?

Ask your doctor for their specific recommendations, but the general guideline is 6 weeks postpartum.

 I never worked out before/during pregnancy, is this still for me?

Even more reason to start now! Our workouts are tailored to each mom. We can make them easier or harder depending on your fitness level and where you're in your postpartum journey

 Do I have to bring my child?

Craving a little dedicated Mom time? You can absolutely come solo.

 What happens after 8 weeks?

After the session ends, you can move into our other programs or run through the Diapers and Dumbbells program again!

 When are classes held?

Tuesday and Friday at 2pm, starting on 4/16/24

 What is the baby age range?

Babies should be anywhere from 6-8 weeks to 12 months for this program. Beyond that age, they'll be on the move a little too much to be able to focus on yourself!

We DO have a class for ladies with slightly older children, so reach out still!

 Can my child come to class?

Yes! This is designed as a "Mommy and Me" class where your little one can hang out with you while you workout.

  What if my child is upset during class?

That's the beauty of an all-Moms class; we understand blowouts happen, children need to be fed, or held, or talked to. Tend to your little one and hop right back into the workout!

Do I need Exercise Experience?

No experience needed! We will teach you everything you need to know to safely workout each class!

Coach Steph

Coach Steph is a Licensed Occupational Therapist and Fitness Coach. In these roles, Steph guides our clients to better health and wellness, leads Moms in our Dumbbell & Diapers program, and helps our clients get the results they're looking for.

Steph specializes in people with special needs and requirements and has successfully served a range of clients, including those with autoimmunity, chronic health issues, those in the postpartum stage, and those looking to achieve their best self/health.

Passionate about helping mothers through postpartum recovery and its unique stage of life, Steph provides compassionate coaching services that help all mothers find their strength and confidence in their new Mama bodies.

Will you be our next success story?

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